Saturday, March 01, 2008

Lazy Saturday

Mommy is home with Baby K today while Daddy works at a Habitat for Humanity homesite. I have sewing and knitting to do...many inches to go on the ordination stole and I could at least cut out pieces for the challenge quilt while the baby plays...but I'd rather goof around on the computer.

Baby K loves those expensive, educational toys -ha ha ha. Walk down the grocery aisle and pick out anything plastic and she'll love it!
She enjoys hats too! Right now, we are basking in the balmy spring weather...thank goodness for wireless connections and laptops that allow me to surf on the patio. Baby K is collecting rocks. My big plan for the day is to walk up to the neighborhood park where the swings are, then stop for a sub sandwich for lunch.


Ragnar said...

I'm using precious naptime minutes to surf blogs and do a little therapy knitting, so good on ya sista!

Samantha said...

smart girl with those plastic toys- what a bargain for momand dad ;-)