Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Random Wednesday

I am posting from school ('s a half-day, so the kids are doing review. The education buzzwords for today are "writing across the curriculum" and "independent practice.") So, no pictures but some fun links.

Baby K talks a lot. Yesterday we were playing in the backyard and she kept calling for "Eli! Emma!" - two of her friends from school. And this morning we were eating breakfast, the cat walked by and Baby K pointed to my cereal and said "Gidget eat." Clearly we have a genius brewing ;-) - complete sentences at 20 months!! Mommy explained that the cat has her own food and doesn't like Frosted Mini Wheats.

Yesterday, knitters took over Toronto! The Yarn Harlot has launched her latest book tour, and she set up a photo scavenger hunt to confound the locals with inexplicable knitter behaviour.

We aren't sure if it was an April Fool's hoax, but there was a rumor that Julia Roberts (yes, the movie star and documented knitter) has joined Ravelry. There is no way to confirm her membership, but it may be a publicity stunt for her upcoming movie version of the popular book The Friday Night Knitting Club.

If you are looking for an amusing way to waste an inordinate amount of time, browse through the t-shirts on Cafe Press. I especially love geek humor. Today, Baby K is wearing a pink t-shirt that says "My Mommy is a Math Teacher," and mine has a math diagram with the instructions to "Find x." X is circled and the caption says "Here it is." Cracks me up every time!!! (I need to get the one about pi and i...go look, it's funnier that way)


Ragnar said...

It is totally inconceivable to me that my creepy, crawly, suicidal little milk drinker is going to turn into a walking, talking, human being. It's just NOT possible.

I love looking back at your archives and seeing Baby K growing up, gives me hope.

The Calico Cat said...

I LOVE (No, I mean I LOVE) those t-shirts. (If only I thought about circling the "X" just once...)

Anonymous said...

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