Friday, June 06, 2008

Fiber Content

I finished block #12 in Marti Michell's 2005 Block-of-the-Month quilt. I am going on a weekend retreat in July, and now I have two tops to put together! The cabin we're going to has several big design walls, which I need for the next stage. The original pattern for this quilt calls for additional plain squares of fussy cut roses. I'm not all that frilly and I'd like to use this quilt in my bedroom, so I may try to find a plainer blue. Yes, I had this plan in mind three years ago but did I bother to buy the extra fabric??? Of course not! Since the rose fabric came with the cost of the kits, I may just follow directions and we can sleep under a few roses. Who am I's too hot for quilts most of the time, so I'll just drape it across the foot of the bed!

Next up is the pattern "Turning Twnety Again." I collected a bunch of Christmas started off with the green batik you see on the right, but there aren't enough Christmas batiks to make that the whole theme.
Baby K was playing on the couch last night...she gets in these silly moods where she kicks her legs and laughs "ah, ha ha ha ha ha." Usually she's on the floor and wants Mommy and Daddy to lay down and laugh with her. I join her, since laughter is good for the soul! What I really need to do is get that on video!
There is an "Educator's Expo" today that I thought about going to. Just to see the vendors and scoop up any free stuff for my classroom. The organizers sent a workshop description last night, and the one workshop that might apply to my high school subjects is in the afternoon when I'll be finishing that other class I mentioned yesterday. So, I talked myself out of the whole thing! I don't need any more free tote bags or extra papers floating around, gas hit $4.05 yesterday, and I'd rather stay home and quilt for a couple hours. Rationalization, it's a beautiful thing!

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