Monday, June 16, 2008


Baby K found some of my handknit socks this weekend. They don't fit her feet, so...She put them on her arms!
I finished another pair, with just inches to spare. I was sweating those last few rounds as I watched the yarn disappear!
Jaywalker pattern with Blue Moon Socks That Rock yarn in January One colorway.

I was itching to immediately start another pair, but I have so many choices that I couldn't decide. I was looking for a pattern for the abandoned Socktoberfest yarn, but I didn't feel like swatching. I have some red, white, and blue self-striping that would be cute for July, but I didn't go digging through my stash to find it. I have several sock club kits, leftovers from 2007 Socks that Rock and Tofutsies, but I didn't want to concentrate on elaborate directions. I know, I'm being much too picky - just knit already!! So, I ended up working on a baby blanket and flipping through Sunday night reality TV (Ice Road Truckers if you must know my guilty pleasures...)

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