Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Quilting Day

Daddy's Christmas socks are done! Mine are on the needles, with the colors switched, and hopefully there will be enough yarn leftover to make the toddler pair. My goal is to take our family picture wearing coordinating socks...that gives me about a month to finish the other two pairs.

Baby K went to daycare today so I had time to work on the Hawaiian Star quilt. Here are detail pictures.

That scallop fill literally made my eyes water as I concentrated on the small design!

I love this little fleur-de-lis in the flying geese. I will go back and add some loops in the blue background. I quilt one color at a time, so I am working on all the purple areas at the moment.
Here you can see some other meandering around the green spikes.

I told my students yesterday...only 24 school days until finals. I hope they start studying and doing their homework soon, LOL.

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