Thursday, May 01, 2008

Spring has Sprung

I'm one of those "Women Who Do Much." I've gotten better since Baby K was born and quit a bunch of committees, but Ravlery is a dangerous place...I am hosting several Mini Sock Swaps. This month the theme is Spring Flowers. I used some self-striping yarn with pink, green and blue sections. I was hoping that the amounts of pink and blue would be reversed, but I didn't want to destroy a brand new ball of yarn trying to start at just the right place in the colors. Last weekend I had some quilting time and quilted a pantograph on this shop sample that my mom pieced:
Here's the back where you can see the panto, called "Java." Sorry, don't have the designer's name handy!
Baby K used her potty not once but TWICE tonight! Can I get a cheer for early potty training?!?
Here she is playing with some blocks. It is so adorable when she concentrates on her play so intently. This was a 20 minute project of trying to get the blocks to snap together (some were Legos, some weren't).
Play time continued...

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Ragnar said...

Free to Pee baby! Right now Pete is only into peeing outside, so the potty is sitting abandoned in the corner...I guess sometime I'm going to have to insist upon it, but for right now I'm just happy to have diaper laundry under control.