Monday, January 12, 2009


Bumble Beans tagged me for a meme...list six quirky/weird things about yourself.

1) I read fast, about 100 pages an hour. Of course, with a toddler in the house, and a knitting hobby, I rarely get the opportunity to sit down with a book! I made the time last week and really enjoyed "The Reincarnationist." (See my new Shelfari icon!?!?! Click over there for more info!)

2) I don't have any major food aversions, except beets. My mother never served them, and they aren't on the menu much these days. My mother-in-law tried very hard one night to expand my taste buds, but I figure if I've lived 30-plus years with no beets, why start?

3) I didn't wear my retainers after my years of metal braces in junior high, so now I'm an ideal candidate for Invis-Align. The right side of my smile is sliding under the left side! I am going to save up some money this spring and start the process during summer vacation.

4) I never got into the full make-up routine. I don't own any eye shadow! Eye liner, mascara and chapstick are the only things I put on before I leave the house.

5) I try to have equal bites of everything on my plate...looking for that Libra balance I guess! I do the same thing with M-n-Ms - one red, then green, then yellow, then brown, etc.

6) I pin fabric with the sharp point to the raw edge, which is backwards for a lot of people. More of my mother's influence!

Leave me a comment if you decide to play along!

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