Sunday, April 05, 2009

Sunday Sewing

To satisfy my quilting urge, I started a scrappy project using Bonnie's Boxy Stars pattern. I personally have issues with totally random scrap quilts, so I made the main star potion of each block in similar colors...of course, once I took the picture I can see that my values (light and dark) are way off! Oh well, that helps with the scrappy feel.
I am going to add more red and blue stars and send this to Quilts of Valor. They are trying to collect over 1,000 quilts by May 31st to present to a Marine Battalion that is returning home. I have some other blocks ready to assemble into a top, so I hope to contribute several finished quilts to this effort.
Some quilters have trouble with their cats laying on their projects when they are trying to take pictures...I have an enthusiastic little girl! I asked her to help, and first she rolled among all the blocks, then started throwing them in the air.
This next photo is just proof of my insanity: When I trim the corners of the Boxy Stars, I have half-square triangles, already matched in lights and darks. They are about 1.5inches square. My mom and I have had this conversation for years. It seems like such a waste to throw all these scraps out, but really...when are we ever going to sew them into something useful??? Well, I'm making a dedicated effort to use them as leader/enders when I chain piece, and I promise blogland that I will find a pattern for HST and work on it this summer! Maybe Broken Dishes?

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debijeanm said...

I haven't popped in for a visit for a long time and am reminded how much we have in common. I, too, read books over and over. I, too, lament the lack of motivation in my eighth grade history students. And while my husband is happily retired (hooray for STRS!) my son teaches at an inner city charter school in LA. He got a 2.5% step increase this year that was more than negated by his health insurance premiums going up to over $900 per month. Breaks my heart but he and his wife are thinking of moving back to NYC (he graduated from university there) because the inner city bonuses are so much better there and they just can't make it here. LOVE your scrappy quilt. have a fun quilty spring!