Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May Update

Finished half of a pair of Shur'tugal socks in STR Alley Oop (details on Ravelry).

Almost to the end of the mystery quilt!
Baby K continues to brighten every day with her smiles.

Daddy brought home a huge flower arrangement from his school's graduation, and K "planted" on in the yard.
And then she got in touch with her inner farmer...


The Calico Cat said...

Ahem, that is so not an I SPY quilt!

Michele's Quilting Journey said...

Now, I remember I used to visit your blog all the time when Kendra was tiny, and you called her Baby K! I haven't been by in a while since switching computers and blog lists and here she is...all grown up. My goodness sakes..time flies! She is totally, totally adorable!!!!!