Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mish Mash

I finished quilting my friend's first-ever quilt. (I showed you the sketch last time.) I was happy with the pinwheel feathers in the center.Today's project has me quilting curly q's on a black fabric with rainbow swirls. If I don't go blind, I will share a picture tomorrow!

Check out the One Million Giraffes is my contribution. I have been a giraffe fanatic forever...I have at least 50 in my house! Too bad this kid only wants drawings, I could send him lots of pictures of figurines and stuffed toys.
Amy got me thinking about the 80s yesterday. Big shoulder pads, side ponytails, ripped sweatshirts, leg warmers, pegged pants, Polo shirts, Madras inter-changeable purses, Madonna, MTV, Mr. T, Ronald Reagan, Olympic boycotts...iconic decade for sure!

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