Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Centennial Project

Arizona's 100th birthday will arrive in 2012. That's a nice round number, so I set myself a challenge - quilt the state flag (pictured on the left) as a postage stamp quilt. "Postage Stamp" refers to the individual pieces...I'm aiming for 1" finished. For the centennial part of the project, I decided to use 2000 pieces. I'll make up the other 12 in the border!

Kendra wanted to make a similar design, so I sketched the starburst, and she filled in the details:I've started to collect fabric, since I want a very scrappy quilt. By scrappy, I mean 1,000 different fabrics! I'd like to have pieces duplicate only once :-) If you have blue, red or yellow/gold scraps, please email me for a mailing address. It will take a major effort to collect the fabric and get this pieced and quilted in about two years!
I'll close with a random shot of fabric, ready for the washing machine and destined for quilt backs.

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The Calico Cat said...

Remember how I told you that I recently gave away a lot of yellow & blues... So I'll take another look at my smaller bits. (novelties o.k.? I know that I have cats on red, cats of yellow, cats on blue... Some might even have big enough backgrounds that you can skip over the cats...)