Sunday, May 01, 2011

Red Hot in May

I'm going to play along with Project Spectrum 5. You can read about it here. it started out in the knitting-blogosphere as a way to organize projects for a year, following the colors of the rainbow. Lolly (the organizer) has set up a blog in tumblr (new to me, but I created an account there too) as well as on Revelry and Facebook.

This year, the project will run from May - November, with the "technical" colors red, blue and green, along with their dditives, pink, aqua and yellow. Each participant interprets the project differently. For me, it will be an exercise in awareness...I read about PS5 on Friday, and all weekend I have been noticing the red things in my environment!

For instance: red scraps of fabric on my cutting table.
A red trash bucket:
And my favorite girl in a red dress:

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