Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June Update

Ahhh, summer school is over and the surface-of-the-sun-hot temperatures have arrived. In between swim sessions at the local pool, I have been in my sewing room. (The city pool is open for a few hours in the early afternoon and again from 7-9 pm...late bedtime means a quiet morning for mommy!)

I finished the Reeds quilt. I won these blocks in exchange (see the Block Lotto button to the right) and decided to do a color gradient layout based on the white-grey-black background prints.
I had a bright floral fabric in my stash that worked for the back.
And I used a simple wavy frond quilting design, somewhat following the piecing.

Of course, the major focus has to be the Arizona Centennial project. Entry forms for the "100 years, 100 Quilts" were due this week, so I mailed mine in with fingers crossed. I laid out all the squares in their final position, so it looks like a finished quilt. I plan to add a plain border when the center is done, and I have grand plans for the quilting! Stay tuned...

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