Sunday, July 10, 2011

Northern AZ Shop Hop

The 2nd Annual trip for a group of my quilting friends took place this last week. Last year, we were maniacs and managed to visit all seven shops in one day, the furthest being almost 200 miles from home. This year we scaled back and only visited six shops (of nine possible).

Here is some of the fabric I found: Link1... fabric designed for the Arizona 2012 centennial celebration. I plan to use this on the back of my Arizona Flag quilt.
2... adorable kitty cats and a mouse companion print from Alexander Henry. If I fall in love with an animal print, chances are it is from this company!
3... gorgeous rainbow print, to make a dress for my daughter. She wants me to start sewing right away, but finding a pattern may be difficult since she has stringent requirements for clothes.

Each shop gave us a small pack of 2.5" strips, along with this block pattern.
This is my EQ6 rendering of the block called "Kansas Dugout." It should be a fun scrappy quilt to put together, and I love designs that take advantage of jelly roll fabrics.

My other treausres...a pattern called "Modern Pickle Relish" from Modern Quilt Relish. It's a cool quilt with a very graphic geometric look. And the "Lil Twister" template to make tesselating pinwheels.

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The Calico Cat said...

Love that cat print. (The AZ print is fun too.)