Monday, July 04, 2011

Summer UFO List Part 2

More projects from the UFO pile:

6. Rainbow charms. Squares from a Ravelry exchange, laid out in ROYGBV order, light to dark.7. Quilt of Valor, Persimmon Quilts Mystery pattern #12, just needs binding, label and a wash before mailing to a deserving soldier.
8. I-Spy...squares from a Ravelry exchange. Simple blue sashing for a quick finish (she said hopefully)
9. Turning 20 pattern in Christmas batiks. Needs to be quilted and bound.
10. Sedona Stars, a quilt along pattern from Judy LaQuidara. Needs to be quilted. I offered this to a friend's son since I have made quilts for his brother and sister, but he hasn't told me if he likes it. I want my quilt gifts to be appreciated, so I haven't decided who the actual recipient of this one will be.

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