Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Princess

A longarm quilting machine is an expensive piece of equipment, used to sew intricate designs on the top layer of a quilt. In my case, it has become a kitty hammock.

Since the longarm is about 4 feet by 112 feet, the only space in our house to put it is the loft. Lofts, by nature, are large open spaces...meaning no doors. It is impossible to keep cats off furniture without doors. (The bathroom doors are always closed in our house because a certain calico likes to play with toilet paper.)

The lovely blue sheet at least keeps the cat hair off of the quilt!

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Ragnar said...

I had to get quite vicious with my cat, she was making little kitty shaped stretched out places in all of my quilts...of course if I actually quilted them instead of leaving them on the machine for months and month I might not have that problem...ah well.