Thursday, June 01, 2006

Home Improvement

Meet my dear hubby (B)...Home Depot's most loyal customer this week! He is very of the things that attracted me to him ;-)

I need a place to display my quilts, and also (eventually) to hang customer quilts while waiting for inspiration and time on the machine, LOL. We fashioned this display bar from copper tubing. It sort-of matches the mission style furniture throughout our house. It was a good day for B - he got to use power tools! The giraffe picture may have to relocate someday, after I find the clip/hangers that I will use to hang quilts.

I got the idea for hanging quilts this way from my mom's store. She installed rebar around the store near the ceiling, and hangs her displays that way. She even has a nifty pole with a hook on the top to aid the putting up and taking down of quilts!

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