Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Darn Postal Workers!

I am anxiously waiting for 2 packages:

1) My One Skein Secret Pal yarn for June. This was not a partner swap, instead, person A sends to person B, who sends to person C, etc. I sent off a skein of Noro on about June 7th, plus some cards in the mail since then. My partner is a happy camper. However, the Golden Rule has not worked in my favor on this yet. Luckily (??) my partner is not-so-secret, and about 10 days ago I emailed her a nicely worded, "How's it going" note. She did write back saying life was crazy and my package would be on the way soon. Please, yarn swap fairy, speed up the mail routes so my yarn gets here this week!!! [ I know, swaps are a gamble, especially on the internet, so it's not a big deal if I don't get anything. But it does kinda feel like Valentine's Day in First Grade when everyone else has more Valentines in their pink paper covered shoe box!]

2) Wedding pictures from my best friend's son's wedding back in December. I ordered three prints online, oh, back in March I think. April rolled aorund, and I thought, hey, where are those prints? May rolled aorund, I came across the photographer's address and my invoice number, and I thought, I'll give them a call when school lets out and I have more time. June rolls around, and whaddaya know, I got a call from the photographer! She has my prints, but oh dear, I didn't include tax for the order, so could I please send them another check? [ helloooo, how about you get someone to help with your website to either A - accept credit card payments, or B - TELL ME TO INCLUDE TAX] So, I subdued my irritation and wrote a check for the tax ($1.22) plus, a few dollars for postage since she first asked me to pay for shipping then decided to eat that cost. (My mom's a small business owner...those little things add up!) Anyway, it's now been several weeks and NO PHOTOS. We're in the same suburban area, I get mail from across town in 4 days, tops. Time for another phone call.

3) And while I'm venting...I am supposed to have a light bar for my longarm! The dealer said a month ago that she'd set up delivery next week. I called her shop last week and they just got a new phone system and couldn't figure out how to transfer me to her extension so I was cut off - TWICE. grrrrrrr.

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