Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sock Progress

You can kind of see the eyelet pattern in the photo. The leg is done and I have started the heel flap. You would think that k1, s1 would be easy, but I have noticed in jsut two rows that I like to k2 occasionally. OOPS. I have put other projects on hold while I get through this sock. I figure if I make one sock, then I know how to handle all the parts and then I can relax on the second one and bounce around among all my projects! (We're all unfaithful yarn harlots at heart!)

I *really* need to be sewing right now. I have the strips ready for the July Strip Club project at the shop, and only three weeks to get the top completed and quilted! In those same three weeks, I have to finish painting the nursery and get the house cleaned up for the nerve-wracking Home Study which will certify us to adopt. AAACK, where are the instructions for altering the time-space continuum? I just saw them in the pile on my desk...

Really, really, really good news from the General Convention of the Episcopal Church: we elected a FEMALE Presiding Bishop! Head Honcho for the whole American Church is a WOMAN! You go, girlfriend! I have to giggle...three years ago, the Episcopal Church ordained an openly gay man as the Bishop of New Hampshire and the conservative branches of the church around the world had a fit. I bet they are really P.O'd now! Get over it, dude, it's the 21st century!

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Kat Stamper said...

Hey girl! Cute sock. I just read in The Stars & Stripes (our newspaper - or the only one over here I can read!!) that the Bishop of the Diocese of Arkansas (Larry - whose wife taught me catechesis) has decided to allow individual priests to bless gay unions as desired. He's about to retire - probably figures he won't have to hear about it for too long! :-) But you don't come across something every day that makes you proud to say, "I used to live in Arkansas."
PS - I just created a blog just so I could respond to this. Wow - what a great friend!