Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Juggling Toothpicks

Trying to get my first sock started on DPNs jsut made me laugh. I felt like an octopus! But, as you can see, I managed to get the feel for it and my first-ever sock is taking shape. Yay me!

Yarn: Regia Cotton Color #4075
Needles: Crystal Palace Bamboo DPN, US #2
Pattern: Summer Solstice (June) from The Sock Calendar (c) 2002 by Catherine Wingate and Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer.

I finished the 1-1/4" ribbing, and I have completed the first full pattern round, which entailed yarn overs and SSK for the first time. Another YAY ME!

Bringing me to the thoughts I have had recently about learning new skills, knitting and otherwise. Apparently, I am blessed with healthy self-confidence. Knitting looked interesting, so I picked up some needles and started doing it. I ask for help when I am confused by a pattern. I grab a book, or look on the internet for instructions. Basically, I just try it! Same thing with quilting. I sat down with some fabric and a pattern, and started stitching. A few months later, I went to Quilt Camp and signed up for any class that looked interesting. (Curves were a little frustrating, so the Double Wedding Ring is still at the bottom of the UFO pile.)

We have had a woman in our local knitting group who is at the opposite end of the confidence scale, and it makes me sad. She was trying to decide on yarn for a next project, and she had a book of baby patterns in front of her. Reading through, she came to a description of an increase stitch. It was a little confusing, so she put everything back, saying it was too hard. She cast on another scarf. I am baffled. It's just some string wound around two sticks! Try it! It will make more sense when you have the stitches in your hands! If it looks horrible, rip it out and try again! But, to each her own. I hope she finds a patient tutor who can gently lead her along the knitted way...I will be far ahead with my basket of projects: sweaters and knitted animals and socks, and whatever else catches my fancy.

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Ragnar said...

Argh! Give me an nasty bit of complicated trickery, with oddly written directions anyday. Anything is better than eternal scarf hell. It's hard to watch people in a rut like that.