Sunday, June 11, 2006

Quiet Sunday

I have been enjoying my summer vacation IMMENSELY. Sleeping late is wonderful :-) No progress to report on the socks. I went to the Friday Knitting Club at the store and we decided my gauge was off, so I frogged the whole thing and started over on US size 1 needles. This time, I was a good doobie and knit a swatch so I could check my gauge BEFORE I had three rounds of eyelets done!

Yesterday was Worldwide Knit in Public Day. I wore my t-shirt, but that was the extent of my participation :-( I had to teach a class in the morning, then we went to a wedding in the afternoon. I was tempted to make B. take me to the mall afterwards, since the socks were in my purse, but no, we just went home.

Our new addiction is "24." Yes, the TV show. Yes, I know I am behind the times if I am just now getting into it. About two years ago, I was able to watch about 4 episodes. But, my life is really busy during the school year on weeknights, and meetings came up and I just couldn't plan my life around a TV show. Yes, we do own a VCR, but that is like, soooo 1990s. Plus, it's a nice back-pocket guilt inducer because at the time (note: TWO YEARS AGO) I told my husband the ONLY thing I wanted for my birthday in October was Tivo. Somehow, he couldn't figure that one out. So I said, the ONLY thing I want for Christmas is Tivo. Not even Santa came through on that one! Here it is, what, season five??? And I finally went to Blockbuster for season one and we are up to 8am. Hubby is addicted too. (Hey this might be the year for Tivo!) But, he said we have other projects to get done around the house (say, painting the nursery before baby arrives in August? Good Plan!) so, we can only watch one season a month. I am crossing my fingers that the video store has Disk 4 in stock tomorrow!

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