Thursday, June 15, 2006


I talked to my mom at about 11am today and mentioned we were enjoying the World Cup. She was outraged! She thought we had too much to do getting ready for baby that we shouldn't be wasting time in front of the TV. Relax Mom, we'll be the time the child goes to college it will all be sorted out :-)

So, feeling rather industrious, we turned off the TV and trudged up to the extra bedroom/storage room/soon-to-be-nursery. It made me a little crazy to see all the mess we had to deal with, but B. convinced me his methods would work. These methods include piling every box in the center of the room (there were about 6 in the closet when we started) unpacking them all, and sorting, just like you see on Clean Sweep: keep, charity, and trash. In just three hours, voila! 2 boxes back in the closet, 2 in the garage and lots of stuff for charity and the trash.

This is a big deal, people of the internets...I have boxes that I have not unpacked in TEN YEARS because I cannot handle the mess and the inner turmoil of sorting out what bits to keep from my past! But, B. is ruthless and it must be done. The pregnancy is in week 32, which gives us about 6 weeks (we're hoping for an early delivery.) The race for organization is on! Say a prayer for the reformed packrats...

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