Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Microsoft Quilt Designs

This is the fern leaf I am currently putting in sashing pieces of my latest strip quilt. It's going much better on the longarm than with the mouse!! Although I wish I had used a different color thread, and I wish I had done a different design in the center squares. It looked ok on paper, but now the central design is too similar in scale to the fern leaf. Oh well, live and learn. Add to this the pressure that this is a sample for a class on Saturday...yikes!

When I get to the end, I will take a picture of the major disaster from yesterday...I basted the top too far away from the top leader, so when I got to the bottom, I ran out of backing! (I said a few bad words.) My brilliant fix was to baste as far as possible, unzip the top leader, un-pin everything else, and sew an additional strip to the back. That's where the sleve will go...yeah, yeah, that's the ticket!

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