Saturday, July 15, 2006

My Summer Vacation

I am leaving the heat of Phoenix tomorrow for the cool Pines of Flagstaff and Quilt Camp! The picture shows John Flynn's Storm at Sea, which is my Saturday class. I am also taking longarm quilting and paper piecing classes and a mystery quilt! I picked traditional blues for my Storm at Sea quilt.

There won't be any new posts until after I get back on the 24th, and then I am sure I will have plenty to share with you! Of course, I have stuff to show off now, but no time to run the phone line down the hall to the computer with the photo sharing software. So, just be patient and there will be lots of knitting and quilting photos in about 10 days. BTW...I am working on the leg of Sock #2, so I might have my first pair done by August, woo-hoo!

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