Friday, August 18, 2006

At loose ends

Tony loved the package of baby clothes that my aunt sent us!

I am feeling very unsettled. School started this week, but I am home on maternity leave until the middle of October. We don't have a schedule, other than jumping up and getting a bottle when Baby K starts fussing. She has been delightful so far, just a couple of hours in the evening when she cries and wants to be held and walked around. B and I both came down with minor colds this week, which contributes to the desire to lay around and do nothing but read blogs! (Especially with daytime tv...800 channels and nothing on!)

I have lots of crafty projects that I could get started on...I am working on the September Strip Club quilt (BTW, I hate deadlines!) and I need to press the seams before sewing the horizontal rows together. Unfortunately, we put the playpen where the ironing board used to sit and I haven't had the energy to re-arrange furniture yet.

I could put bindings on the two quilts I showed you last week...the shapes for charity and the RW&B. But it's too hot to sit and do bindings!

I could start my quilt guild scrapbook...I was appointed historian about 18 months ago and the photos and papers have been sitting in my cupboard ever since! But, my friend is have a crop in September, so I'll wait and use all her fancy tools then.

Knitting...nah. There has to be something good on TV for me to sit and knit, and I am not into soap operas.

I am tempted by Tonya's challenge to make Xs and Os...maybe this afternoon I will go through my fabric stash and take the leap! Part of the challenge is to donate this quilt, so the charity kind of determines the fabric selections. RW&B can go to Quilts of Valor or something similar, pastels could go to a child-centered group like Project Linus, or I could just pick colors I like and plan to give it to the senior center that my longarm group is supporting this year.

Basically, I need to come up with a schedule for my time at home these next two months or I will go batty! Sitting around in my jammies until afternoon is fun for only a few days.

Next post...quilt blocks!

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The Calico Cat said...

Aww what a cute kitty. Mine also loves those ribbons.

Where in Phoenix are you? I graduated from Agua Fria in Avondale...