Friday, August 18, 2006

I took the leap!!

I have been intrigued with Tonya's freehand letters for a while. This week she issued a challenge...start with X's and O's and make a charity quilt. Her directions are really good, and since they are FREE HAND letters, you can't make a mistake!! I have ideas bouncing around my head for several quilts with titles in the borders. I'd like to do a bargello in my school colors with the name in the border. I think my high school kids would enjoy that on display in the classroom.


Tonya R said...

Andi, the letters look great - woo hoo! The bargello quilt sounds like a fun idea too

Susan said...

Yeah, the x and o look great, and I like the idea of having the bargello in the classroom. All my students (primary, though) knew about my quilting, and helped my best friend make a retirement quilt for me. That was fun!