Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Fiber Content

Here is a preview of the September Strip Club quilt for my LQS. I used 12 fabrics, and it was a bit of a challenge to organize the blocks in a "scrappy" fashion. The overall effect works though. I have one more horizontal seam, plus borders, then quilting. Projects go much faster as you approach the deadline! I'm usually putting on the binding the day before the class! Luckily I have just one more of these Strip Club quilts and then the series is over. That is the worst part of working in a quilt store - you are always under a deadline to get samples done, and they do not always fit with what you'd really like to be working on!

Longarm update...I pinned on the pantograph quilt, and realized I didn't have the right size batting. My mom is going to drop that off today. All afternoon I debated pinning on the second one (the intimidating freehand quilt) and of course talked myself out of it. I did purchase an extra set of zippered canvas leads, so I can just unzip the first quilt and put on the second. I worry that I will pin it wrong and get the canvas in the wrong place, so I haven't used that option yet! Plus there's the whole intimidation factor that makes it easy to put off...

Kitty report...B got up early this morning and the quilt I was piecing and had left on the table was in a pile on the floor. Oops. And I found one of my corsage pins from the longarm on the floor as well! I forgot to put them away yesterday!! What is it with cats and round-topped pins??? We fell in love with the open floorplan of our house, but it makes quilting a challenge, since I can't shut the cats out of my sewing areas!

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The Calico Cat said...

My cats also like to pull pins out of the pincushion.... :o) Or off of borders that are pinned to the body of a quilt while I am trying to sew it on! Which reminds me I have a pile of pinned blocks that I hope to sew tonight... I wonder how many are no longer pinned together.