Thursday, August 24, 2006


We'll get to the quilts after this BREAKING NEWS ALERT - that is actual rain in Phoenix!! In the morning! In August! It was wonderful - I sat outside on my (covered) patio for about 30 minutes, and it continued for another 30 minutes after I came inside. Just what the parched desert needed: relaxing, soaking rain.

August is our monsoon season and we get lots of late afternoon thunderstorms. Watching the clouds build up all day is part of the beauty of the desert, and I always think I should grab my camera and join Saturday Sky. But this year, the storms have missed my corner of the city...until today!

We followed the recommended desert landscape bouganvillas, a ficus tree, small patch of grass and lots of rock. B. is in charge of yardwork, and he enjoys sitting outside in the evenings. I am usually driven inside because of the bugs, and my desire to play at the sewing machine! The ladder is for our cat Tony...we taught him to climb it so he can pretend to be up in the tree (he's de-clawed) rather than getting up on the fence and carousing through the neighborhood. (It blew over in a windstorm a few days ago, and we're too lazy to pick it up so far!)

On to the quilts...that's called Good Gyrations, a Cara Gulati (sp?) pattern. I used a Linda V. Taylor pantograph called "Geometric Pinwheels" actually photograhed pretty well! Now I have to tackle the free-motion intimidator...which will probably be fine as soon as I get started. Darn Newton and his laws of motion! Laurie was talking about inertia today...I'm right there with you, girlfriend!


The Calico Cat said...

Nice quilt - nothing shy about that one!

Nothing like an Arizona rain storm. (I used to love it when the dry creek beds would flow...)

Susan said...

1. I hate bouganvilla! It's so darned stickery. I wouldn't let Paul plant it in our yard (Avondale).

2. The Geometric Pinwheels looks good. I like Linda Taylor Patterns - they are a little different. Paul used Feathered Meander & Fire Flower quite a bit. I let him do all the pantos. =)

3. Yay! Rain! I know how much it's needed. Tucson has been getting all kinds and it didn't seem fair that Phoenix didn't.

4. What high school? I retired from the Cartwright Elem. district a year ago May.