Monday, September 11, 2006

Knitting is a sport

Saturday night I dragged B. and Baby K. with me to Chase Field (which will always be B.O.B. to me!) to watch the Arizona Diamondbacks beat the St. Louis Cardinals, and to be a part of TNNA's Stitch-n-Pitch event. Reports are that over 1000 knitters were there!! (Probably closer to 500 when you subtract spouses) It was really cool to look around and see so many hands working on so many projects! Unfortunately, there weren't any announcements during the game...I kept a close eye on the Jumbo-tron waiting for them to highlight all these crazy knitters. But, they did find Baby K right before the game and broadcast her cute little face. My dad was holding her so his hand was across her adorable D-backs outfit...I'm sure they would have lingered if they saw that she was a true fan!

South West Trading Company was a partner for the SnP event and they donated the yarn you see in the picture. All the women got the cool pink bag, which is a great size for knitting projects! (Notice the awesome grommet handle.) Plus, if you had purchased your game ticket specifically for the SnP event, you could claim a yarn goodie bag. Of course, I redeemed B's bag as well, so now I have THREE pink bags, and two sets of yarn giveaways. (There may be a contest in the future..I'll get Chris to mention it when I work out the details!)

Photo details, from left. After the game, they gave everyone a team hat. Nice touch! I started a new pair of socks. The goodie bag contained an issue of Creative Knitting and Crochet!, plus some soysilk ribbon/ladder yarn, purple fuzzy stuff, and Skacel Fuego, a mohair/wool blend. My yarn stash is growing and I have NO IDEA what to make with these things!! Scarves, most likely, but it would be fun to work some of the funky yarns into a sweater. (No, not all in the same sweater! I like to color-coordinate!) Actually, the purple fuzzy stuff could go in Baby K's log cabin...that would make a neat border!

I'm up against a quilting deadline again...I need to get the Christmas Strip Club quilt finished for class this Saturday. Yikes! Especially since I need to order thread, which will be delivered on Thursday. I'll have to use that in the border and get the main part done with the colors I have on hand! I have a solid backing so it should be easier to take pictures.

Tony thanks all of you who have visited. He is enjoying the morning outside under the tangelo tree. He has been unsupervised for a couple hours and is behaving so well! We usually don't let the cats stay outside unless we are sitting out on the patio, and Tony has a bad habit of jumping up on the cinder block wall and exploring the neighborhood. Scary thought because you never know who has their dogs outside, and he doesn't have claws or a collar. So, we keep a close eye on him!

And in honor of the extraordinary, ordinary Americans who died five years ago, I say a prayer for their families and a huge thank you to all service men and women who are fighting terrorism and preserving the ideals of democracy and freedom throughout the world.

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Chris said...

I will certainly mention it if you decide to have a contest! Looks like you had fun.