Friday, October 27, 2006

Finally a quiet moment!

Well, not really quiet. Baby K is in her rocker next to me and she is babbling non-stop! I had to have a photo session in this gorgeous dress. It was supposed to be for her christening, but that is three weeks away...

Here is the progress so far on my Jaywalkers:

it's a fun pattern, I just have very limited time to work on them! Every time I think I have the baby settled down, I get about 2 needles-worth knit, and she fusses to be picked up. I'd have alot more time for my crafts if I didn't need sleep, LOL.

Here is a wild shirt B. found on our Hawaiian vaccation a few years ago. Baby K. loves to sit on his lap and look at the bright, bold patterns. I just wanted to share something fun and colorful since there is very little quilting going on!

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