Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

We are not giving out candy this year! I decided we would take Baby K to see her grandparents, and I wanted to dress her up. My original plan was:

(no that's not really her, just some other cute baby model.) I ordered online on Oct. 20th, and paid for 3-5 day shipping, because the estimated arrival for regular mail was Oct 31st. I added some colored pencils to my order, too, because I didn't want to pay 50% of my total bill in shipping costs! (yes, these little details ARE important to the story!) So, last Wednesday - Oct 25th - the box arrives and B calls me at school and says, the outfit isn't here, and by the way, did you order pencils? I check my order online, and lo and behold, the costume is backordered. GRRRR...I just paid exhorbitant shipping for colored pencils! CRAP. So, no cute costume for Baby K's first Halloween. I'll do better next year, I promise!

oh darn - inspiration just hit! I have some really wide ribbon that came on one of her shower gifts...I could make a beauty queen banner for her! My other idea was to dress her in red as Tickle Me Elmo...she laughs at everything.

As for me, I went with my standard "stupid math teacher joke" - a Pumpkin Pi t-shirt. It's fun to watch the lightbulb go on in the kids' heads as they think it over.

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Susan said...

Andi, your mom showed me baby pictures - what a cutie! I like the pumpkin pi thing!