Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Baby Bunny #3

Here is Baby K at 3 months old. I wanted to post a link to her 1 month and 2 month pictures, but Blogger has archived my posts by month, rather than individually. If you want the comparison, you'll just have to scroll through the previous months. So Sorry! Or just wait for the six month retrospective ;-)

In cotton-related news...Friday was NOT a good day at the longarm! I pinned on my batik quilt (which you've seen pictures of occasionally.) As I was stitching in the ditch, I noticed the borders are kind of wavy. Bleh. But, understandable since I sewed the borders at Grandma's house while Kendra screamed bloody murder in the background. (She was having a Very Bad Day. We blame the poodle.) Then, as I rolled the quilt, I noticed the batting was all bunched up in the center. Grrr. I tried to smooth it out with a yardstick, but still had problems. I advanced a few more rows, and then I had the brilliant idea to unzip the canvas lead from the quilt top, which allowed me direct access to the batting, which I could smooth out. Unfortunately, by this point, my yardstick adventures had stretched the batting and also made a small hole. But, I can live with a thin spot! As I rolled up the quilt, I then noticed a MAJOR pleat in the backing! Man am I upset. No way am I going to rip out my stitching in the ditch to fix that. I thought the whole point of putting the quilt on the longarm was to AVOID problems like that! So, this is not an heirloom effort. It goes in the "someday" pile after class on Saturday...as in maybe someday I will fix it (yeah right!!)

So, my lessons are to have a second pair of hands help me roll the backing on smoothly, and to remember how useful zippers are before reaching for the yardstick. The good news is that once I started free-motion quilting, everything has been going fine.

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