Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Family Portrait

Our first Christmas with baby K: We had a wonderful time with family...B's side on Christmas Eve, and my side on Christmas Day. We came home with lots of pink outfits, LOL. Baby K's new trick, which she debuted on Christmas Day, is blowing rasberries with her tongue. It sounds like "bbbb" instead of "bzzzz", but the way she sticks out her little tongue is so adorable! Of course, all us adults look pretty silly making faces trying to get her to "perform"!

The quilt-bloggers are starting to list UFOs to finish in 2007...I have 3 tops waiting to be quilted before I go back to school on Jan 3rd...yikes! Luckily, I can use a pantograph and get one done in a day. I also have grand plans of finishing a block for my guild exchange - if I can find the pattern, of course.


The Calico Cat said...

I would wish you good luck on getting those tops completed, but with a LA you already have a "leg up!"

With all of that said, get busy so we can see them!

My preliminary list is in 1 word - HUGE!

Angela said...

I love the family picture! The baby is precious. And razzzzzzzzberries are the best thing to watch. That lil tongue poking out is hilarious isnt it? LOL Except when it is covered in something yucky like carrots or peas!