Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Finishing off the leftovers

I showed these leftover stack-n-whack blocks about a month ago...

I started to add another border, but since I was working with scraps of the blue background and some green, it just didn't work out, and I decided to leave it as is. The pattern is "Treasure Boxes" from Bethany Reynolds' Stack-n-Whackier Quilts.

I *still* had leftover blocks, plus the extra border strips that were supposed to go on the Treasure Boxes (until I got bored!). I came up with this:

I need some more of the crackle blue fabric to fill in, and this will be the end of the stack-n-whack blocks, just in time for the Small Quilt Auction in March. I used the rest of the kaleidoscope print as the backing for the first small quilt, and I'll go stash-diving for the back of the second one ;-) It's nice to start off the new year by emptying a UFO bag!


Faith said...

thankyou for showing this I enjoyed seeing the images of your quilt in progress. What is the quilt auction in aid of?
Just how many quilt crafts ufo have you got? if you have loads then i wont panic at least id feel im not the only one with loads of ufo subjects lol.
When one of my freinds make a hint they want a quilt making I usually make a start on it so that the magic is still there and that it will get done though sometimes they take months and months,,,,,eeek well happy quilting hope you are not too snowed under there

Susan said...

That is such an interesting thing - putting the quilt blocks around leftover border pieces! It looks great! You have *no* UFOs left? Poor thing! =) Love the family portrait under this post, too.