Thursday, December 07, 2006

For Chocolate lovers

A local DJ was saying yesterday that no one he knows eats Dark Chocolate. Whatever!! He must live under a rock. The new trend of dark chocolate varieties has its good and bad points. I have ALWAYS preferred dark chocolate. Buy a bag of Hershey's miniatures, and the milk chocolate will stay in the candy dish for YEARS. Kisses...ehh...give me a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips any time. So I love the fact that dark chocolate is readily available. But, I don't like to follow the crowd with my preferences. I hate to fight over the 4 Special Dark bars that come in the variety pack. Sigh...such are the problems with popularity!

This post is what DebR would call "Random Items from the Junk Drawer of my Mind." It's amazing what you find in there! I wanted to write a WIP Wednesday post yesterday...I have about 10 more rows done on the Jaywalkers - woo-hoo! But no quilty content. There are 8 days of school left, then I can drag out the sewing machine and UFOs. It's a toss up between my Underground Railroad sampler and my 3 P's in a Pod mystery quilt. Plus, I have several tops waiting their turn on the longarm. I really like to do custom designs, but the time crunch is pushing me towards pantographs.

So how is everyone doing with their Christmas shopping? My dad is the hardest person on earth to shop for. I usually alternate between gift certificates for books or movies. This year he got his first Hole-In-One, so it would be fun to do something golf-related...maybe one of those fake magazine covers? Probably too late to get it before Christmas though. I did alot of online shopping this week, so I've started the marathon. Just have to hit the mall for hubby's requests. I have a few little things for baby K...mostly clothes. B. and I were saying that it is kind of weird this year to buy her something, wrap it up, then open it for her a few weeks later! We'll let the grandparents be Santa this year, and next year it will be much more exciting with a toddler to buy for.


Anonymous said...

That DJ really is living under a rock! With every chocolate company putting out 70% dark chocolate bars (in addition to the old Special Dark stand-by) there must be someone buying & eating them... (Supply & demand - if there is no demand, they will not supply them... Kinda like those hokey commercials that he reads - if people are not buying prodct "A" then producers would not be paying him to hawk it!)

Nancy said...

I'd MUCH rather have dark chocolate. Yep I dig out he Special Darks from the mixed bag too. LOL! And I've eaten my share of choc. chips straight from the bag too.

Anonymous said...

Dark chocolate rocks! I'm done shopping. Now I need to decorate for the party.