Sunday, December 03, 2006

Holiday Traditions

Phoenix has a holiday Electric Light parade, and the weather was decent, so we met some friends and got in the Christmas Spirit. I tried to adjust the photo in Photoshop to get rid of some of the flash glare, but it (obviously!) didn't work. I wish I were a better photographer!

The second picture is Baby K and Daddy. With those little hats on, she looks like an elf!

Sorry, no crafty content...I'm hoping to get a quilt on the longarm this afternoon. Check out - it's Jackie Robinson's website and she has some new fabric and patterns available. I took a mystery class with her at Quilt Camp in the Pines. She's fantastic!


Anonymous said...

Andi, I just wanted to tell you what a brilliant idea it was for you to suggest that I put the circles for my quilt in a cross rather than a circle. I used your suggestion and I love it! Thanks a bunch!

Angela said...

The baby is darling. And looks so happy.

Susan said...

We went one year, and it was great fun. In those days, you could stand on the parking garage top floor - what used to be the Christown Mall lot down by Goldwater's. Great view, and partially shielded from the wind.

Susan said...
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