Monday, January 29, 2007


Everyone asks for the bad news first, and unfortunately, the Phoenix Suns' winning streak came to an end tonight. I usually don't watch men's basketball until March Madness and the NBA Finals, but the Suns are just awesome this year! Steve Nash is on his way to a third MVP award. Hopefully we can win the Western Conference and get to the Finals this year.

OK, enough sports talk. I know you're all here for the quilts! (Except Aunt Gretchen, Ty and sorry, I'll post baby pictures tomorrow).

This is one of the wall-hangings I am giving to our small quilt auction. I used left over Stack-n-Whack blocks. I had fun using ALL the scraps from the original project! I just bought some more of the blue's basic enough to use in something else. Here is the second bit of leftovers. I had some of the full "treasure box" blocks finished, so I just made a smaller version of Bethany Reynold's original design.
BTW - you should really try taking photos of your quilts-in-progress. These kaleidoscopes look pretty neat on my computer screen! It's like a reducing glass, you can get a better feel for the overall balance of the quilt and the colors if you snap a quick digital photo.


Pam said...

Very fun quilts.

We don't follow basketball much up here (our unfortunate Vancouver Grizzlies now in Memphis) but we do follow Steve Nash - since he comes from around here. It is always great to see him play so well.

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

I find it very valuable to take a photo of a quilt in progress too. When I am sitting on my computer/sewing chair, a photo of a quilt on the design wall about 4 metres away really helps me see what fits and what doesn't. The camera 'tells it how it is'.

Katrina said...

Great quilts! I love the effects