Thursday, February 01, 2007

As promised

The latest photo of Baby K. Yep, sitting up by herself! She is such an extrovert that she HATES to take a time for sleep, she might miss something. She's not crawling yet, and actually, her daddy is fine with that. Since he's home with her all day, he knows that life will be very chaotic once she's mobile.

I'm home from school today with a cold. I figured it was better to take a day off and try to rest than to push myself to exhaustion. Of course, the baby decided to wake up at 5am, an hour earlier than normal!

The gussets are almost done on Jaywalker sock #2! We're heading to the home stretch...

I haven't decided what quilting project to pull out of the UFO pile next. Some of the candidates: an Underground Railroad sampler, a bargello, a Marti Michell BOM from 2005, the peek-a-boo cats, or a blue storm at sea. Probably not today though, I'd have a guilty conscience since I brought some tests home to grade!


Su Bee said...

Extrovert? She's an absolute charmer! What a little doll --

Susan said...

She's growing so fast! I can't believe she's sitting by herself already. Hope you are feeling better.