Tuesday, March 06, 2007

At last!

I am an official member of the Rockin Sock Club! My first kit arrived last night and I am itching to cast on my new socks.

This is the best part:

A little "emergency skein" on a keychain! Just too cute. I carried it with me to lunch, it made me so happy.

Here's the real thing: Blue Moon Fibers' Socks that Rock in the Monsoon colorway.

Hard to tell colors on the computer, but another club member said it reminds her of her military camo uniform. That is a very good description! It's an earthy blend of greens and browns. I saw a green sky once, and it was during the summer monsoon season, so I guess that's a good name. The pattern uses cables, which will be a new skill, but one I have been anxious to try. I am stopping at the shop tonight to get needles - I hope they have the small size I need!! Then I will swatch and probably wait until the weekend to cast on the actual socks... I'll need time to concentrate on the toe-up instructions.

Work has begun on Kerstin's Squares Squared:This will be a very BRIGHT eclectic quilt, LOL. It's kind of small, so I will add some plain accent borders then some piano keys to finish it off.


lorinda said...

Yay! My STR package came too; I'm in love. What did your skein band say underneath? I guess there are special quotations hidden.

Your little lady gets cuter each day!

Samantha said...

Enjoy the yarn. I absolutely love how the quilt is coming!!

kristen said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you get a chance to cast your STR on soon - the pattern is fun - I hope to get to the heel section tonight! I'm also really liking the way the color pools on the sock...

Question for you...I'll be in Scottsdale soon - any recommendations for yarn shops I should visit in the Phoenix metro area? I'm a spinner too, in case you have any info on shops that might carry fiber. Thanks!