Thursday, March 01, 2007

Cheerful Tootsies

La had some adorable feet on her blog a couple days ago, so I share with you my favorites:

Baby K's toes - (she is standing in her bouncy seat)

And those of Gidget, while hiding in my closet:

I love the orange "freckle" on her leg! In case you haven't seen full pictures, she's a calico.

No sewing going on. B. is attending a job fair on Monday so I helped him write his resume on Tuesday night, and Wednesday is choir practice. I put the Hidden Stars away so I can start on the gifty quilts. I can start cutting bright orange fabric this weekend if I get busy and iron it all tonight! Of course, the iron gets put away and the knitting comes out during Grey's Anatomy!!

So, in lieu of fiber content, I will leave you with a picture of Baby K's new trick. She is discovering all sorts of new facial expressions!


La said...

What great tootsies! Thank you

Madame Purl said...

Those toes are sooo cute.

Lori said...

The baby toes are so cute and I really love the chubby little ankles!