Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Only 12 more days...

til Easter! Which means the end of Lent!

This is what I found when I was looking for a picture to put in today's post. (Search for the "Stars" can) How cool is that - a cola tribute to quilters!

Background: while driving to the Pancake Supper on Shove Tuesday, B. and I had a discussion about what to give up for Lent. (We are Episcopalian, so we kind of pick and choose which Catholic traditions to observe, LOL.) I decided to give up french fries, which wouldn't be too difficult since we are cutting way back on how much we eat out. Then I decided I needed more of a challenge, so I pledged to give up Pepsi. It hasn't been too bad, I just had a one-can-a-day habit...but let me tell you, I will really enjoy a big cup fresh from the soda fountain after church on Easter Sunday!

I was going to continue the "fast" after Easter by not keeping soda in the fridge at home, but I may have to get a quilty Pepsi can, just for show!

And in case you are wondering, B. gave up candy, which expanded to all sweets. Too bad we got our Girl Scout Cookie order right after Lent started! His one exception has been a cake he baked from scratch. I have provided terrible temptation though by keeping chocolate in the house. He's a trooper!

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