Sunday, March 25, 2007

Stage One Complete

Here is Baby K trying to pull up on the barstools. I'm dreading the moment that she slips and smashes her nose on the tile! I wish my back could bend like that...

I put Kerstin's top together! It sure reads orange, LOL. She picked the fabric...I just sewed :-) The next step is a small black border, then a slightly larger orange border (she loves the daisy print) and then 6-inch piano keys with all the scraps.

I finished the first of the Rockin Socks! They're a little tight going over my ankle, but I didn't want to go up a needle size and have them slide down my leg. They fit perfectly once they're on! I immediately cast on for it's mate. B. is amazed that I may actually finish this pair before the second kit arrives! Thank goodness for March Madness and Spring Break that allowed me some quality knitting time.


Anne said...

I think we all wish our backs could bend like small children's :o) Kerstin's to is looking great! Perhaps a little too orangy for my taste, but it sure is vibrant, and the strictly square pattern suits the multiple patterned fabrics :o) Sock is looking goood to!

Samantha said...

I adore that quilt... So vibrant!