Sunday, March 11, 2007


I quilted this sampler for the Quilt Pink auction. It's overdue, and I wanted to get it donw quickly, so I just stitched in the ditch across the blocks, meandered in the setting triangles, and put a freehand vine with leaves in the border. Hopefully, you can see some of the quitling in this shot of the back:
I did find time for knitting on the Rockin Sock "inside out":
I was hoping for pooling of the colors rather than stripes, but either way it's fun to watch it emerge. Today is NCAA Selection Sunday, which means the next three weekends will be full of basketball and primo knitting time!

Baby K has had a bad rash over her chest and back, plus some diaper rash, so we spent some time in the fresh air. B. installed screen shades on our patio, and that's a shop cooler behind me, so it's very pleasant throughout most of the hot summer. Of course, it's been a beautiful weekend, with temperatures in the low 80s. Our poor snowbirds are in a tight's getting too hot here in the desert, but it's too cold to go up north!


The Calico Cat said...

Oh those poor snow birds - make you want to shed a tear or something, huh?

Anonymous said...

I love the stripes! Mine pooled, but it's still pretty.

KCQuilter said...

I had to laugh about the desert weather becoming too hot for the snowbirders in the Phoenix area!!! Four of our best friends are still there snowbirding. They complained that it was going to be in the 90s! KC will have 70s this week! Go figure. There's no explaining weather!!!!

CLeyla said...

Your sock is looking nice...mine is a little behind yours progress-wise at the moment.'re getting stripes and that's what I want...but I think I'm getting sort of diagonal stripes so far. (I'll post my pix soon!)