Thursday, March 15, 2007

Summer is in the air!

Well, Phoenix has had it's three days of spring. The weatherpeople say we may hit 100 degrees this weekend! And before the exclamations start (I know you are saying "How can you live there?!?") I will just explain that us desertfolk survive the heat the same way you all survive blizzards and single digit temperatures...WE STAY INSIDE! :-)

Our school district did a very mean thing. Our spring break is next week, and they gave the students a half day yesterday...which means that today feels like Monday and no one feels like working because vacation is almost here!! I don't have any big plans for the time off other than a movie date with my girlfriend. And lots of baby time, of course.

Our big quilt show is this weekend. I am going to the Preview Party tonight, which will be loads of fun. It's a catered dinner, with a band, and several hours to see the quilts on display. I also need to visit one of the longarm dealers to pick out some thread. I find that PermaCore works best for me. A friend of mine has a thread chart, so it's easy for her to order online or over the phone, but they no longer make the charts. I was so bummed when I heard that! I am slowly building my thread stash by ordering several shades of whatever I think will work. But, I never seem to have what I need these days. I'd also like to buy more pantographs, but I don't know if any of the show vendors will have those. I know of several sites online where I can shop for patterns, but that's on the "one of these days" lists, not urgent yet!

So, you can look forward to LOTS of pictures tomorrow. (Aunt Gretchen, I'll even include some of Baby K in between the quilts!!!)

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Ragnar said...

Yay! Quilt show porn!

When the evil quilt store where I used to work laid me off with no notice, I revenged myself on them by "borrowing" a whole file of thread charts. If I had one for permacore, you could have it, but actually, I've never heard of it.