Monday, April 30, 2007

We have a winner!

Toni figured the clues correctly and guessed...

JANUARY ONE (for my Jaywalkers) and OBSIDIAN for my husband. I was leaning towards getting him "Terra Firma" but he wasn't thrilled with the idea of high contrast stripes. I've made the difficult decision to set aside the "Wild Tide" socks when his yarn arrives. It's bad enough having my dad grumble about his 2-year-old unfinished birthday quilt, I don't need any more guilt!

Speaking of Walking on the Wild Tide, I think the colors are gorgeous. (It reminds me of Noro which I plan to knit from the Spring 07 issue of Knitty!) Anyway, I cast on the provisional toe from the Inside Out pattern (several times, since I tried it BEFORE having coffee!) and started the *yo/p2tog section. Oh my. Lots of concentration required! After about half a dozen rows, I noticed that something was wrong...some of my stitches looked very smooth, while others had the twisted/knotty look. I debated leaving it, since who cares what two rows on the toe really look like, but then I decided it would eat at me forever, so I frogged. I read the Club suggestions to slip the stitches and insert the left needle in the back of the loops when the yarnover comes first, and that seems to help alot. Unfortunately, this is not a fast knitting pattern! The pattern itself is easy to remember and I can read the stitches well enough to know what I'm doing next without referring to the paper, but all those yarnovers and purls make it slow going.

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