Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I was successful finding a ball winder last weekend. I kept the yarn intact as I wound the second ball...the winder wasn't big enough to make jsut one ball!

Here is the top of my April Rockin Sock...

And here is the plain stockinette sole of the sock...the yarn is just luscious!

I will be quilting the Orange Delight as soon as my thread order arrives, and in the meantime I started cutting for my next project. This is a graduation present for our best friend's daughter. She picked out the fabric and chose the Yellow Brick Road pattern. Looks like fun!

Finally, here's Baby K. She really enjoys her books! Some of the covers are tattered from being in her mouth...must be the teething - B. noticed two new ones coming in on top for a total of SEVEN!!!


paula, the quilter said...

That is a gorgeous sock yarn. Yum. I use my kitchen scale to weigh the yarn as I'm winding it. that way I can cut it into 2 cakes.

Angela said...

The baby is precious. Such a cutie.