Friday, July 06, 2007

Home again, Home again, jiggety jog!

Phew...vacation is nice, but it's always good to sleep in your own bed again. Thankfully, Baby K is an easy-going traveller. Just a few minutes of screaming during the plane's descent. I know it was her ears popping, but we couldn't interest her in drinking anything. She also didn't really like the portable crib, so she slept between me and Daddy most of the time. What luxury!

Here are the highlights of our trip:

1) a visit to the Minnesota Zoo. It's undergoing some construction, but the exhibits that are open are great. Most of the animals were sleeping during the afternoon we were there, but I don't think Baby K noticed!2) a baseball game...the Saint Paul Saints versus the Pensacola Pelicans. It was so much fun! Think "Bull Durham" - the between-inning games were hilarious. The Saints won, too.

3) a trek up to the North Woods - Clear Lake, outside of Virginia, about 65 miles northwest of Duluth. The three days we were there it was rainy and cold, which actually was a pleasant respite from the 110+ desert heat at home. We stayed inside and curled up on the couch with a book.

4) a delightful surprise was the Vince Shute Wildlife Sanctuary, where they have an observation deck and feed black bears every night. We saw 4 babies in a tree, and about 6 adults at the various feeding troughs. 5) Of course, I did feed my fiber habit too. I added some Christmas fabric and batiks to my collection from the Quilter's Courtyard, and the yarn is Yarni, handpainted in St. Paul, purchased at the Yarnery. Both stores were charming.

6) Uncle Ty and Aunt Jean gathered some entertainment for the baby. Their next-door neighbor had this train toy for her grandchildren. Baby K loved it, and it has really enhanced her walking skills.
Sock update tomorrow!

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