Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Baby K was sitting so nicely on the couch this afternoon while I was taking pictures of socks...I thought, I haven't done a bunny picture in a while! So here she is at 20 months:

(the mark on her cheek is a daycare mishap) And just for fun, I went back to the bunny picture from this time last year...

It's such a cliche, but she is growing up SO FAST!

I finished a Jaywalker out of STR January One...the grey background is covering up the couch and Baby K's arm, but I suppose I should have centered the sock. Oh well, my photoshop skills definitely leave room for improvement! I thought it was so interesting how the 2-stitch difference between the leg and the foot of the sock really changed how the colors lined up.

Now I have to get busy because I have 2 socks without mates! This Jaywalker and the Winterberry Tofutsies...and one of these days I'll quilt again too!

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Niki said...

What a sweet baby girl :) They sure DO grow up fast!