Friday, April 11, 2008

Pop Quiz

This meme is floating around, so I thought I'd hop on the train. Deb and Amy played along too!

1. If you were to attend a costume party tonight, as what or whom would you go?
I love a good pun, so I would put on my fanciest dress, and wear a sign around my neck that says "I'm Sorry." Then I'd be a FORMAL APOLOGY...get it?!?

2. What are your choice of toppings on a hamburger? And do you prefer gas or charcoal grilling? I don't have a preference for gas or charcoal, and I'm pretty traditional. Lettuce, tomato, pickle, ketchup, mustard.

3. You are chosen to have lunch with the President. The condition is you only get to ask one question. What do you ask?

Hmmm, that's a tough one. I guess I'd ask GW what he plans on doing next...will he try to be a crusader like Jimmy Carter or lay low like his father?

4. It’s your first day of vacation, what are you doing?
Since there are 21 school days left, I've been thinking about this alot :-) I think I will get some light reading (Earlene Fowler and Jennifer Chavierinni) and spend the day on the couch.

5. What is your concession stand must-have at the movies?
Soda. I've gone through no-popcorn phases, but I always get something to drink!

6. How long was it from ‘the first date’ until the proposal of marriage? How long until the wedding?
My first date with B. was on January 20th, and there was a pseudo-proposal on Valentine's Day. The actual question came up at Easter, and we got married July 4th.

7. What is one quality that you really appreciate in a person?
Thoughtful opinions. With so much hot air coming from all directions, it's refreshing to talk with people that put some thought into their words.

8. Everyone hears discussions that they consider boring. What topic can put you to sleep quicker than any other?
Rocket science, I guess. One of my Libra traits is seeing all sides of an issue, so I can discuss pretty much anything!

9. If you had to have the same topping on your vanilla ice cream for the rest of your life, what topping would you choose?
Hot fudge!

10. What food item would need to be removed from the market altogether in order for you to live a healthier, longer life?
I'd hate to take anything away completely. I'd like to see the healthy stuff be more convenient... like veggie packs in vending machines instead of M-n-Ms!


The Calico Cat said...

good answers!

Deb R said...

I love your answer to number 1!! :-)