Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Amy brought up some questions about blogging and quilting, so I decided to respond to her topics.

1) How many quilts should be shown on the blog?
I use my blog as a journal of my crafts, with a big helping of Baby K's development on the side. When I visit other blogs, I like to see what people are working on, so the bottom line is SHOW ME MORE! I think the question came up after visiting a quilt show, and how much to show of other people's work. Again, I think more is better, especially with comments about what appeals to you...it helps readers get to know you through this anonymous online venue.

2) Alot of quilts "make the rounds" at national shows, so am I missing anything by not going to the big ones like Paducah or Houston?
Since there are a few nationally known quilters from Arizona (Gina Perkes and Sharon Schamber), I get to see a few quilts in person before they become big winners at the national shows. I'd go to the major shows more for the festive atmosphere and excitement...speaking as a one-time-only attendee at Houston! If you can see the artists you want to see in a smaller venue, I think that's more enjoyable.

3) What to do about my own quilting slump?
I chalk this one up to the seasons and cycles of life. Amy's not quilting because she just found out she's pregnant and is not feeling well. I'm not quilting because Baby K is almost 2! If you can find a few peaceful minutes to enjoy your craft, that's great! If it makes you feel guilty, re-evaluate and say no to some of the extra deadlines that are usually self-imposed.

4) What to do about all my UFOs, WIPs, and stash?
Ahh, the eternal question. I try to balance the amount of fabric coming in with the amount of quilting I get done. I don't have a humongous stash, but it's larger than the space available, so I try to keep it under control. I figure that once the slump is over (see above) then I will be able to finish things. Luckily, I haven't abandoned many projects completely, I just get hit with start-itis and a new project seems more appealing that something I'm in the middle of.

5) It would be nice if charities accpeted fabric, but they all seem to want finished quilts!
Isn't that the truth! There are some sewing guilds that like donations, so if you are seriously trying to cull the stash, that might be an option. My problem is that I love all my quilts and I can't bear to give them away! But is it a good thing to let them sit in the corner? Another eternal dilemma.

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Ragnar said...

This is a very timely post for me, I was just trying to decide whether to start showing more quilts on my blog...